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Ging Beeman


Mike is a young (middle-aged) world adventurer with 80+ countries to date. He aims to see them all.

After leaving corporate life in London he has worked as a Scuba Dive instructor in Central America and Southeast Asia, started a charity in Indonesia, and now works seasonally in the French Alps managing a group of ski chalets.

A keen videographer, photographer, and budding DJ. Sailing includes a few weeks around Fiji, across to New Caledonia, a month in Greece, and across to Malta, Sicily, and the Aeolian Islands, and an Atlantic crossing from the Canary Islands to Cape Verde and across to St Lucia.

Mike has a Gordon Ramseyesque style in the kitchen, with a little less colorful language. He is a Perudo master, and the Monopoly Deal champion, facts, undisputed.

This year he is hoping the travel restrictions are lifted so he can do the Mongol Rally, otherwise he will be calling Robin to seek refuge on Ellidah.



So meeting Robin and boarding Ellidah for the first time was a massive adventure that I didn’t think was gonna go as good as it did get.

Well of course I was hoping for it, but I couldn’t have so high hopes because I have only been speaking to Robin for 4-5 minutes with a shitty connection so I didn’t know so much about him.

Just that he was one year older than me, from Norway, and have been on his boat less than a year and have left his old life behind to go abroad for sailing and adventures.

A thing I could just dream of doing myself at that moment so I just thought: “Fuck it let’s go I need to meet this guy!”

Just hoping he had better intentions than a specific Danish guy building submarines xD.

And yeah I got a good feeling straight away on the dock on the North West Coast of Sicily and the rest is history.

Had some awesome days spent on and off the boat along the North Coast all the way down to the South.

Loads of activities filled the days, well of course sailing, but also biking, drinking beers, chilling in the sun, swimming, eating great food, cooking even better food, drinking even more alcohol, snorkeling, being seasick, paddle boarding, spending my 30th birthday on the boat, shooting fireworks, playing loads of games, winning most of them ofc ? And so on.

But also the unique experience of living on a sailing boat for a while and learning the great things about sailing.

Robin has been a great captain, teaching me about sailing and guiding us from North West of Sicily to the Aeolian islands outside of North East Sicily down to the port of Licata, South of Sicily.

It was all a great experience and a lovely time spent with Robin and not to be forgotten, the rest of the lovely crew that was on board for my time, lovely people!

It has been a massive experience which I hope I will experience soon again.

Looking forward to seeing Robin, Ellidah, and its crew in a sunny place on a crispy blue ocean any time soon again!

All the best/Filip

Ingrid Ohlson










I got introduced to the wonderful world of sailing by Robin and Ellidah. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience.

I joined them in Majorca, in August 2020, for about a week. After an epic rock and roll night at anchor, we set sails to Menorca, then to Sardinia for my first ever passage.

It’s difficult to put all of this into words, but discovering sailing, being taught by a super nice captain, being one with the ocean, swimming with 3km depth below us, star gazing and eating cold pizza during night passages, having adrenaline rushes when the conditions are a bit rougher, along with super friendly atmosphere, music, cold beers, and games.

Well, all of this made me realize I didn’t wanna go home just yet. Robin offered me to stay a bit longer, and my initial one-week stay extended to a month and a half.

Ellidah really feels like home now, and I always felt super safe aboard.

Robin, thank you so much for everything, and I’m looking forward to sharing more adventures with you and Ellidah.

Until we meet again!






My name is Alexandre.

I’m Brazilian, 25, looking for answers to questions I also don’t have.

After years outside my home country, moving around and traveling as much as I could, I was certain about one thing: start sailing.


Because I simply can’t think about any further freedom status and also it’s almost harmless to the environment if compared to other modals.

Although it’s a pretty romantic idea, the kickstart ain’t easy to happen when you don’t know any sailors and do not know much about it either.

That happened when I learned that there are plenty of people sailing around while hitchhiking a passage, which is very uncertain once you hop on a boat of someone you’ve never seen before.

Thankfully my first ever sailing experience was aboard Ellidah, which was brilliant.

Robin was a great skipper as well as a great travel mate. He taught me a lot about sailing and gave me the opportunity to actually learn about it.

Whilst having such a good time in between Denia (mainland Spain) and Ibiza for a first-day passage, and because we could not anchor at arrival, we had to ‘crack on’ for a night sail towards Mallorca.

After that, some chill days with some more circumnavigation of the island, some great food, ice-cold beer, sea, and sun.

Just as good as it gets.

– Alexandre





My name is Oscar, and I’m 23 years old. I’ve never been a seaman, but three years ago I finally discovered my passion, turned out it was sailing. I’ve been racing on regattas and teaching and instructing people since then.

The story about how I met Robin is quite funny, playing pool and having some beers at a bar. Since we both were adventurers and sailing addicts, we rapidly got along, and we are good friends now.

I have been in many different boats and crews since I started sailing, and I can assure you that Robin is one of the best skippers I’ve ever met. I’ve been with him on a sailing trip to Morocco (one of the funniest and unexpected trips of all my life) and on many more adventures around the southeast coast of Spain. Ellidah has been almost a second home to me during Robin’s stay in Cartagena, and is quite a comfortable and nice place to be, either sailing, watching movies, playing board games with friends, or even turning her into a disco and partying!

So, don’t miss the opportunity to sail aboard Ellidah if you get it. Personally, I’m still looking forward to crossing the Atlantic and getting reunited together with Robin and Christian. Feel the speed!